Episode 84: Apple Developer Conference, Voiceover Tips and Fan Mail

Episode 91: Bose AR Frames Update and Listener Experiences

Steven Scott returns to the comfy chair this week as he hosts Double Tap Canada, but can he be trusted not to break anything or get drunk?

The team kick off with a discussion of what we can expect from Apples WWDC event on June 3rd. Is iOS 13 finally going to get an interface redesign and will Siri get smarter? Also, Steven, Shaun & Tim announce that they plan to live stream coverage of the event on YouTube Live, FaceBook and Periscope. What could possibly go wrong?

Next, Steven gives us his top 5 tips for using Voice-Over on the Mac. Tim’s Bits return with a focus on privacy and Steven takes a look at whats new in Narrator with the latest Windows 10 update. Finally, a dive into the mail inbox starts a discussion on the state of specialized tech and accessibility as a mind-set.