Episode 74 Samsung Galaxy S10, Apple Airpods 2 and Listener e-mails

Episode 91: Bose AR Frames Update and Listener Experiences

While Shaun Preece is having his ideal vacation, which for him is rewiring the studio, Double Tap Canada kicks off this week with Steven Scott & Tim Schwartz discussing Steven’s latest tech purchase, a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Listen to Stevens full review to find out just what his impressions are of this flagship smart phone and is it good enough to replace his iPhone XS Max as his main device?

Listener emails are next with questions including, just what are the differences between screen readers such as Narrator, Jaws and NVDA and one listener pointing out that the Bose AR Frames are not the first, or only, audio glasses on the market.

Finally, Steven quickly runs through the various updated hardware that Apple sneakily released this week. Including the long awaited Airpods 2 but with the only additions being ‘Hey Siri’ support and an optional wireless charging case, were they worth the wait?