Episode 73: Bose Frames AR

Episode 91: Bose AR Frames Update and Listener Experiences

“Double Tap Canada kicks off this weeks show with a talk about the Bose Frames AR glasses. Tim has been drooling over these since he first heard of them and now he has finally got them, and more importantly, with the latest update to the iOS app, accessibility has been vastly improved and the augmented reality audio features are slowly being released. Also, with the news that Aira has partnered with Bose to support the Bose Frames on their service, are these a must have if you are visually impaired? Listen to Tims full review to decide.
In the second half of the show Steven, Shaun and Tim discuss this weeks tech news, including Google customer support now being offered through the Be My Eyes app, the Google Lookout app finally being released and a interesting new feature introduced in the latest version of Seeing AI which allows you to find, not only what objects are in a photo, but where they are too.