Episode 72: Meditation and Relaxation Apps

Episode 91: Bose AR Frames Update and Listener Experiences

“Double Tap Canada centres its Chi and hugs a tree this week as Steven Scott, Tim Schwartz & Shaun Preece kick off the show with a look at relaxation and meditation apps. Steven tells us of the Calm app available for iOS and Android which, not only can help you sleep, but can also help with anxiety  and stress. Shaun has tried an Amazon Echo skill called Guided Meditation and Tim looks at whats available through streaming music services etc and tries out some bluetooth headphones you can wear in bed in the form of the SleepPhones from Acoustic Sheep.
The team then move on to gadgets they’ve bought recently, Stevens smartphone addiction rages on as he orders the new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Shaun pimps up his iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner and Tim finally has the Bose Frames in his hands but do they live up to his expectations?”