Episode 68: The accesibility of cruises and NuEye E2

Episode 91: Bose AR Frames Update and Listener Experiences

Tim Schwartz takes the helm of Double Tap Canada this week as we take a look at travel and tech. We talk with John Heald, the brand Ambassador for Carnival Cruises, about what technology and provisions are available to blind and visually impaired customers. We also throw the question out to our listeners, just what tech do you find essential when travelling?

In the news this week we discuss Googles Interpreter service, Apple event dates leaked and Optishokz, a pair of sunglasses with bone conduction headphones built in. Also NuEye has just released the latest version of it’s wearble video magnifier headset the NuEye E2 which can help enhance remaining vision for certain eye conditions.  Finally, we finish listener emails concerning the Plantronic 500 headset and smart thermostats