Episode 67: Accessibility recap, Bose Frame AR and iOS 12.1.3

Episode 91: Bose AR Frames Update and Listener Experiences

Double Tap Canada goes back to basics this week, taking a look at what accessibility features are available and what they do. This follows a news story where people have been using the ‘Listen Live’ accessibility feature on iPhones to remotely listen in to conversations. Although not the best light to shine on assistive technology, is the fact that accessibility is being talked about at all a good thing?
Also, Tim Schwartz has heard of a new gadget to drool over and can’t wait to get the new Bose Frame AR Audio glasses in his hands. Promising spoken information about your surroundings could these be the next must have item for the visually impaired or will Shaun spoil Tims hopes and dreams…

The show wraps up with the news of Canada finally getting the Apple News app and whats new in iOS 12.1.3.