Episode 63: Holiday Haul

Episode 91: Bose AR Frames Update and Listener Experiences

Double Tap Canada starts 2019 still in festive mood as Steven, Shaun & Tim talk about their new tech presents and just how much food & chocolates they ate. As usual though, Steven soon ruins the high spirits when he wonders if the Double Tap team will survive to the end of the year unless they get healthy. Shaun’s new years resolution is to start going to the gym but will he get any further then a Google search? And will the Apple Watch really help them get fit?

The discussion then moves on to the new tech goodies they got for Christmas including a smart water bottle, Amazon Echo, a steering wheel, Apple Homepod and Amazon Buttons. The Amazon Buttons were a hit in the Schwartz household but just what went wrong for Steven when he tried them?

We wrap up with Steven letting us know just how good the Apple Homepod sounds compared to his Sonos Play 5 and just how was he able to drive across America without leaving his office?