Episode 238: Apple’s New Accessibility Features, Steven Goes Back to Basics & Pool Robots & BBQ Lions

Android 15 Talkback Updates

The Double Tap team are all back together again for another hour of tech news, chat and opinion.

After a short discussion on upcoming travel concerns, Marc tells us about some of the new tech gadgets he’s been playing with this week. But will Steven and Shaun be impressed with a smart barbeque, a pool cleaning robot, new Ecobee thermostats and a fly-anywhere DJI Drone? Probably not, seeing as Steven has started to de-clutter his tech life, starting with his audio equipment. He’s got rid of his mixers, processors and studio microphones in favour of a simple USB microphone and a computer. Is this really all he needs?

In other Steven buying news, he has ordered a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Despite Google recently announcing the new Google Pixel Watch, Steven really wants to test the accessibility features and usability on the Samsung Classic smart watch when paired with his Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 phone. Will it stay on his wrist or be doomed to be thrown in the never-to-be-seen-again tech drawer?

To celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we then take a look at Apple’s recent announcement of their new upcoming accessibility features. With customizable sound recognition, Apple Watch mirroring and new VoiceOver languages, there is a lot to be excited about. But one feature in particular has Shaun jumping for joy: the new Door Detection feature will be able to locate the entrance to a building and tell you information, such as if the door is open or closed, any text or numbers on the door, the location of the handle, etc. Is this finally a solution to the last 10 yards problem, or will it mean you’ll need to upgrade to an iPhone with a Lidar sensor?

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