Episode 213: The New MacBook Pro, Talking to Tech Gets More Accessible & Table Troubles with Edge

Welcome to this week’s episode of Double Tap Canada. If you’re looking for all the latest tech news and opinion, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a tech show… honestly.

Regular listeners may remember that last week, Steven was off to the Apple store with an armful of gadgets to trade-in. He was adamant that he wasn’t going to buy anything else, especially the new MacBook Pro. In an unsurprising twist, this week Steven gives his impressions on his brand new, M1 Pro powered MacBook Pro. But which model did he buy? That’s a good question!

Sticking with computers, the discussion moves onto Microsoft’s Edge browser. Steven explains why he prefers it to Safari on the Mac and his switch from Google to DuckDuckGo as a search engine. But can anyone help with inaccessible tables in Edge?

In other news, Adele gets the shuffle button removed from album pages on Spotify. Is she right, or should listeners decide how they listen to her music? Shaun and Steven argue on the importance of graphics cards when it comes to the Jaws screen reader and there’s some very exciting news for anyone with speech difficulties as Google unveils their new Relate app.

Finally, for anyone who loves both tech and dogs, there’s a new product that allows your furry friend to video call you whenever they like. Sounds like a tall tail but maybe this company could take the lead in the market!