Episode 212: Hands On with the Surface Pro 8, Apple’s Arty Videos Get Descriptive and Trading In Steven

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Welcome to Double Tap Canada. We kick off this week’s show with the news that Steven is off to the Apple store with his huge collection of tech to trade it all in. The question is what will he come back with? Spoiler alert … we all know it’ll be a brand new Mac Book Pro.

Next up, Marc tells us his thoughts on the new Surface Pro 8 from Microsoft. Just what is it about the portable powerhouse that means it’s the only computer he needs?

In this week’s tech news, there are some interesting new updates to the Apple Store app that could make shopping easier and more accessible, so why is Shaun not impressed? Speaking of accessibility, Airbnb have announced they are introducing an accessibility filter, meaning you can search for properties that can meet your requirements. This leads to an interesting story from Steven about Spanish stairs… Finally, what exactly are communities and why are they the future of WhatsApp?

The show wraps up with your emails, including some concerns about the new Windows SE laptop and assistive software such as Jaws.

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