Episode 211: A Cool New Feature in Jaws 2022, Hands On with Apple Watch 7 and Talking Tech with Rene Ritchie

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Are you looking for a show where you can hear all about what’s new in the world of tech and get plumbing advice at the same time? Good news! It’s time for another episode of Double Tap Canada.

After a brief detour into Steven’s plunger prowess and exactly why he can’t decide between Windows and Mac, we discuss a new feature in Jaws 2022 that he simply loves. The new Split Audio feature allows you to route the screen reader voice to either the left or right audio channel and have the system audio in the opposite channel. Anyone who has struggled with two sets of headphones and multiple audio interfaces knows how useful this feature could be, and it’s surprisingly easy to enable.

Next, it’s onto the tech news, and this week we speak to Rene Ritchie to get his thoughts on the new 12th generation processor from Intel. Is it really a challenge to the AMD Ryzen or Apple’s M1 CPUs? Speaking of challengers, can Microsoft’s recently announced Windows Surface SE laptop make ground on the Google Chromebook when it comes to education?

Finally, Steven has been trying out the Apple Watch Series 7. With it’s marginally bigger screen and improved speaker, will it be staying on his wrist or be banished to the drawer of unused tech?

The show wraps up with Courtney Craven from CanIPlayThat.com, who talks about some of the exciting accessibility features in the new Forza Horizon 5 game for Xbox. And we’ll be answering an email from listener Rebecca regarding Windows 365 and Remote Desktop Client.

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