Episode 209: Looking at Air Pods 3, Liking A More Accessible Zoom and Licking Credit Cards

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Double Tap Canada is back for another week of top tech talk and news. But first, our listeners have plenty to say on the topic of Double Tap merchandise. Is a hairy logo the secret to success? I really hope not…

Next, we take a brief look at the recent Samsung event and can’t help feeling nostalgic at the thought of being able to customize the look of our smartphones. Samsung announced the ability to do just that with their new bespoke Z Flip phone. With a range of faceplates and colours, your dream of owning a bright pink leopard skin handset could soon be a reality.

In other news, Marc is tempted by the new DJI Action 2 Dual Screen camera; with its modular design and small size, could this newcomer take on the might of the GoPro cameras? And is there even an accessible option for us when it comes to action cameras?

After a small plea from Shaun regarding finding the perfect mug so he can stop scalding his fingers, it is on to what Steven bought this week. The new Apple Air Pods 3 have a new design and features such as MagSafe charging, but what do they sound like? Well, if Steven can install iOS 15.1 in time, he’ll let us know.

In OS news, we look at the features that are only available to computers running the M1 processor in the new Monterey Mac OS. Shaun questions why on-device dictation is not available on Intel-based systems, but the arguably more demanding Live Text feature is? He’s also updated to Windows 11, but has he noticed any difference from Windows 10?

The show wraps up with the news of Mastercard introducing a more accessible credit card for the blind, which leads to an interesting claim from Shaun and great news from Zoom that real-time captioning is now available to users with free accounts. Also, Steven has his next purchase in mind, with the imminent release of the Anker Sound Core Frames. They’re modular glasses that offer built-in Bluetooth audio. But do they have what it takes to replace his current favorites, the Bose Frames?

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