Episode 208: Even More Events. Unapologetic Apple and Unenthusiastic Google

Android 15 Talkback Updates

As we see, not just one but two new tech events this week, as Double Tap Canada returns to see what top tech gadgets Steven will be rushing out to buy next.

Apple unveiled the next step in their M1 processor range with new MacBook Pros powered by the M1 Pro or M1 Pro Max CPUs. While there’s no denying the incredible performance these chips offer, Shaun can’t help feeling that when it comes to Apple re-introducing features such as the HDMI port, SD card reader, MagSafe charging and throwing away the Touch Bar, Apple were trying to correct some of the bad design decisions they have made in the past without actually admitting it.

When it comes to the Google event, it was all about the Pixel 6 smartphone. With its new design, including a camera bar and in-screen fingerprint sensor and it’s new Google in-house processor, it had some impressive features. The only problem was that it had all been leaked weeks before the event. Not only that, the leaks were from Google themselves. But was there anything here to tempt Steven away from the iPhone?

All this plus your feedback, and why Shaun has fallen out with Amazon, only on Double Tap Canada.

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