Episode 207: What Are Apple Unleashing Next and YouTube Enhances Accessibility

Android 15 Talkback Updates

What better way to kick off this week’s episode of Double Tap Canada than with a rant from a frazzled Marc Aflalo? A houseful of kids and broken wifi: it’s a perfect storm.

News of another Apple event should cheer him up, but what do we think Apple are going to unleash?

Next, Shaun tells us how he’s recently taken his first steps into the scary world of cryptocurrency. But what app did he use, and how easy and accessible was the process? Sadly, Steven seems to have forgotten the gadget he bought this week, but he is eager to buy a new laptop. The only thing holding him back is the perfect keyboard.

There’s also announcements from YouTube regarding new accessibility they are introducing to their service, including Live Captioning for Live Streams, multiple audio stream support and auto subtitle translation. Obviously the addition of multi stream audio means that content creators could add a descriptive track for their videos, but Shaun wonders how many will actually do that?

We wrap up the show with some public service announcements regarding why updating is bad, some great learning resources for Windows 11 from Microsoft and your emails.

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