Episode 206: Amazing Amazon, Magnificent MagSafe and Insert Key Insanity

Android 15 Talkback Updates

This week’s Double Tap Canada sees the welcome return of Steven Scott as he joins Marc Aflalo and Shaun Preece to talk all things tech.

After a brief discussion regarding the best option for a portable Windows machine, it is on to the Amazon event. With the Astro Home Robot, the flying Always Home Cam, the Echo Glow – which can turn any surface into an interactive touchscreen – and the wall-mountable 15-inch Echo Show, are Amazon the new trailblazers of innovation, or have they turned into the Willy Wonka of tech? Either way, Shaun wants a home robot to bring him his cup of tea…

Next, it is on to Steven’s latest purchase, the Apple Magsafe Charger. He loves how he can easily check the battery life of the charger in iOS, but Shaun is concerned that when it comes to keeping your iPhone topped up it falls short. Also, Steven and Marc confess their mutual love for the new iPad Mini 6 and Marc tells us just why he needs the new J7 Roomba smart vacuum.

The show wraps up with listener feedback, which leads to the DTC team inventing a whole new tech product. Forget the laptop, say hello to the belly top…

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