Episode 205: iOS 15 New Features and the Microsoft Adaptive Kit

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Double Tap Canada is back with another hour of top tech. This week, the DTC team have been taking a look at iOS 15. Shaun will be talking about and demonstrating some of the new features he’s excited about, and Marc will be looking forward to what’s coming up in iOS 15.1.

Next, we’ll look at an assistive product that was showcased at the recent Microsoft event. The Adaptive Kit may not be a shiny new electronic gadget, but it is still an exciting product. It is a kit full of items such as tactile and high contrast stickers and key caps that are designed to fit easily to several Microsoft Surface products that will make using these devices easier for people with disabilities. It’s not only great to see Microsoft continue in its development of assistive products, but it’s also great to see accessibility and disability being discussed and shown as part of the keynote event itself.

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