Episode 203: The Apple Event 2021

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Yes, it’s that time again! Another year, another Apple event! But was it a strong, solid showcase of ever-improving products, or an underwhelming disappointment? Well, that depends on who you ask…

Steven Scott, Marc Aflalo and Shaun Preece will be diving into just what was announced at the Apple Fall event this year. They’ll be sharing their thoughts on the updated iPad range, the new Series 7 Apple Watch and, of course, the new iPhone 13 lineup. Is Shaun seriously suggesting that the new iPad Mini would make for a great phone? Is Steven’s credit card about to explode with even more iPhone purchases, and does the new Apple Watch offer anything interesting to draw Marc away from his recently acquired Samsung Galaxy Watch 4?

All these questions will be answered in the next 52 minutes, plus we have listener emails, time zone confusion and an announcement of the arrival of a new “”Double Tap Baby””…

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