Episode 202: Event Excitement, Echo Updates & iMac Accessories

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Welcome to Double Tap Canada. It’s September which, as any nerd knows, is the start of tech event season. We now have official word on both the Apple and Microsoft event dates, which are September 14 and September 22, respectively. But which one are you more excited about? Can Shaun convince Steven that Microsoft are, in fact, cool?

It’s then on to the tech news, with a discussion regarding web accessibility … or lack thereof. With so many people having to work from home recently, the problems that certain services, apps and websites have when it comes to accessibility have been brought into the spotlight. We share our thoughts and experiences, but would also love to hear yours. You can email us at [email protected]. Speaking of accessibility, Steven tells us about a great tip for JAWS and Outlook users. It’s a great demonstration of how one simple keypress can make a big difference to usability.

Next up, Shaun is excited by some recent updates to the Amazon Echo. There’s adaptive volume which allows your Echo to shout back at you, and some new ways to trigger routines that could bring new life to your Echo Show.

It’ll come as no surprise to hear that Steven has been spending again this week. He’ll be telling us all about his exciting new accessories, such as a monitor riser dock and a five-way charging station, but what exactly has he been buying these accessories for? Spoiler alert: He’s also bought a new iMac…

The show wraps up with your emails, including support for the Home Button, a call for an online blind trucking convoy and, rather worryingly, a proposal for Shaun for president…

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