Episode 200: Goodbye FlickType, Setting Up Apple Pay & Who’s to Blame for Climate Change?

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Double Tap Canada is back with another hour of the latest tech news and tech talk. If the team don’t melt in their sweltering studios that is… Maybe they should turn off some of their kit once in awhile.

With the announcement that the popular typing app FlickType is to disappear from the App Store shortly, Steven, Shaun and Marc discuss the developer’s reasons for the decision. Should we be concerned by Apple’s actions? In more positive news, the CNIB announced they are to open SmartLife centres in various locations across Canada. CNIB describes the centres as:

“CNIB SmartLife is an interactive retail experience that gives people with disabilities of all ages hands-on access to the latest breakthroughs in assistive technologies, as well as tried-and-true favourites.”

The ability to get hands-on with technology before deciding whether it’s right for you is very important, and it’s great to see more locations becoming available. the organization will be opening an additional four SmartLife centres across Canada over the next several months, including locations in Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Brampton, Ont.

Next up, following a listener’s request, Shaun will be showing you how to set up and use Apple Pay on your iPhone. You’ll never need to carry cash again…

The show wraps up with some great emails from you, including questions about spacial audio and possibly the best example of tech that you can’t throw away: Greg’s 70-year-old, self-built hi-fi amplifier. Greg, we salute you, sir!

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