Episode 199: Opening Windows on the M1 Mac, There’s No Place Like Home Button & Sentimental Tech

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Steven “Uncle Fester” Scott & Shaun “Cousin Itt” Preece are back with all the latest in tech in another episode of Double Tap Canada. But where has Lurch … sorry, we mean Marc Aflalo gone?

We kick off the show with some feedback from you regarding the old tech you just can’t throw away. Laptops, Zunes, camcorders, etc., but what is it that makes us keep hold out-of-date gadgets? Steven thinks he has the answer.

Next, Steven tells us all just what he loves about his latest purchases. Does the home button on the iPhone SE really make it the must-have iPhone? Do the Beats Studio Buds outperform the AirPods Pro? Steven will give us his thoughts.

After some complaining about VoiceOver problems the team are having on the Mac and Apple Watch, it’s on to this week’s tech news. You’ll soon be able to run Windows as a virtual machine on the M1 Mac, but just how good of an experience could it be? Also, Twitter has caused a bit of a outcry over its introduction of a new font. Apart from its name, Chirp, just how bad can a change of font be? And Intel has announced that it will be going up against graphics card giants Nvidia and AMD with its new line of high-end graphics cards called Arc. With Nvidia dominating the graphics market for so long, does Intel really have a chance?

All this and more, only on Double Tap Canada.

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