Episode 197: Hands-on with Windows 365, Clacky Keyboards & Killing Wasps

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Steven, Marc and Shaun are back with another episode of Double Tap Canada. It’s a tech show … honest, but could there be a format change soon? Shaun seems to think the Blind Builders show could be a hit.

We kick off this week’s show with a return to Steven’s guilty pleasure. Yes, he’s back on his truck-driving game, and this time he’s got friends. Euro Truck Simulator now has multiplayer support, and Steven loves nothing more than to spend many hours virtually delivering carrots to France in a convoy of other gamers. There’s no doubt he’s obsessed, but it does lead onto a serious discussion about the accessibility of gaming and why we sometimes worry about telling people we play games at all.

Next, Marc has set up his Windows 365 cloud-based computer, meaning he can access a high-spec Windows PC from any web browser on any device. But how does it compare to using a real, physical PC? Marc tells us of his experience. Steven will be setting up his own Windows 365 PC soon, so if you have any questions relating to accessibility or any tests you would like him to do, let us know.

In the now regular segment of “What Has Steven Bought This Week?” we hear of his newfound love … mechanical keyboards. These keyboards have always been a must-have for serious typists as the amount of travel when pressing a key gives great feedback and accuracy when typing. The downside is they are noisy and could quickly annoy anyone working around you. Steven has bought the Razer Ornata V2 keyboard, but is it better then his pervious favourite, the Logitech MX Keys?

In other tech news, we have Google confirming leaks of the upcoming Pixel 6 smartphone range, which will be using Google’s own Tensor processor and an interesting update for the Echo Cube which adds support for Zoom video calling.

The show wraps up with the long-awaited USB feature from Shaun. If there’s time, of course…

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