Episode 196: Clubhouse Opens Its Doors, MSN Messenger Is Back (Kind Of) & Sweaty Tech

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Builders, barking dogs and failing hardware. That can only mean it’s time for another episode of Double Tap Canada. Steven, Marc and Shaun are here to talk about what’s new in the tech world this week. Well, amongst other things, such as Steven’s new favourite TV show and Shaun’s shed troubles…

When it comes to tech news, we kick off with the announcement that Clubhouse is now open to all with no need for an invitation to join. This is obviously great news, but is it too late? Is the honeymoon period over for Clubhouse? Also, we have a new email service from DuckDuckGo that can shield you from having to deal with a mountain of junk mail and help you maintain your privacy by blocking email tracking.

Shaun is also excited by a new feature coming to Windows 11. Microsoft Chat is part of the built-in Teams platform on Windows 11 and allows you to quickly message, audio/video call or share files, etc., with your contacts directly from the taskbar. Steven isn’t convinced it’s anywhere as useful as iMessage, and Shaun can’t wait to go back to the days of apps like ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Chat, etc.

The team will also be answering some of your emails, such as a crackling audio problem in JAWS, some more information regarding diabetes blood monitoring and the perils of a digital divide.

The show wraps up with bad news for Marc, as Sony announces the new Sony ZV-E10 Vlogger camera. This upgrade to the popular ZV1 adds some great new features and the ability to change lenses. Can Marc resist the temptation to upgrade his camera? Finally, just how sweaty are your fingers? Well, apparently, they are sweaty enough to generate electricity to power a wearable gadget. Free, clean and renewable energy … all without lifting a finger. Great Scot! It sounds amazing, but can it produce enough power to run a time machine? Marc is determined to find out…

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