Episode 194: Breaking Up Big Tech, TCL Glasses & The Trouble with Teams

Android 15 Talkback Updates

The whole DTC team are back this week with another large dose of tech news and opinion. We kick off the show with a question from a listener who is having problems with using Bluetooth headsets with Microsoft Teams. Steven & Shaun think they have the answer, but it might not be one you are happy with.

Next up, Marc has something he needs to get off his chest. With governments from various countries trying to crack down on the ever-growing expansion of big tech companies such as Microsoft & Google is this punishing success or making sure no one company has too much power? And who decides when a company is too big anyway? Shaun thinks the man for the job…

In tech news we look at why Marc is excited by the upcoming iCloud Private Relay service in iOS15, a new MagSafe battery charger for the iPhone 12 range from Apple and what new features can we expect to see in the soon to be released Blind Shell Classic 2 smartphone

We wrap up the show with a feature from Shaun on the new accessibility features coming in iOS 15 and Steven tells all about his experience with the TCL NxtWear G Glasses that promise to give you a 140-inch display that you can wear on your face.

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