Episode 192: Happy Canada Day, What’s New in Windows 11 and Can Your PC Handle It?

Android 15 Talkback Updates

It’s celebrations all ’round this week, as we say Happy Canada Day to you all, happy birthday to Marc Aflalo and congratulations to Steven for finding what could be the cheapest pair of wireless headphones so far…

Speaking of headphones, Marc tells us all about his new Beats Studio Buds. Priced at $179 CDN, could these be the best sounding ear buds so far? Marc seems to think so, but Steven thinks he has found an even better choice with his $12 Dec Ear Buds. Let the argument begin. We also discuss the benefits of ultra-wide displays when it comes to screen magnification, and how did Shaun get on with his new BenQ monitor?

Next up, it’s all about Windows 11. There’s been a lot of talk about its new look, with rounded corners and a newly-positioned start menu, but is there anything more than that? And how many of us have computers that will actually be able to run Windows 11 anyway? Now that Microsoft has removed their PC Health Check app, as it was causing too much confusion, Shaun shows you how to check if your PC has what it takes to support Windows 11 for yourself.

Finally, the show wraps up with news about Samsung’s newly-announced smartwatch, which will be the first to use the Tizen/Android Wear hybrid operating system. Could we finally have more choice when it comes to accessible smartwatches? Also, in Chromebook news, a recent update brings support for some Braille displays.

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