Episode 190: Goodbye to Windows 10, Getting to Know the PodTrak P4 & Hello Chubby Beard

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Steven, Shaun and Marc are back with special guest David Woodbridge for another episode of Double Tap Canada. We kick off this week’s dive into tech with the news that Marc has ordered a pair of the new Beats earbuds from Apple. However, the reviews haven’t been particularly glowing, so will he regret buying them?

Next, it’s on to Windows. Microsoft have officially announced that October 14th, 2025, will be the day that support for Windows 10 will end. This means no more feature or security updates will be pushed out and, basically, is telling people it’s time to update. Which bring us nicely onto Windows 11. Of course, we don’t know what the next version of Windows will be called yet, but we do know it’s coming soon. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about it at the recent Build event, and this week a leaked version of it appeared online. Just what can we expect from the next version of Windows, and is anyone even excited?

Next, podcaster and general tech guru Dave Woodbridge tells us about his new favourite bit of kit. It’s the PodTrak P4 from Zoom. This portable mixer/recorder/audio interface impressed him so much he bought two. So, what exactly is it about the P4 that has people excited? David tells all.

Following an email from listener Greg, Shaun demos the “Immersive Reader Mode” built into the Edge browser for Windows. This feature will strip away the clutter from an article such as links, adverts, etc., making far easier to read using a screen reader. It can also read the entire article to you using the amazing Microsoft TTS voices.

Finally, we hear from gamers Steve Saylor and Courtney Craven about the current E3 event and just what is happening in terms of accessible gaming.

All this and more such as Greg’s wife’s description of what the DTC team look like and what will Jeff Bezos be eating in space… only on Double Tap Canada!

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