Episode 189b: The Apple WWDC Event 2021, Part 2

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Welcome back to the extended Apple WWDC edition of Double Tap Canada. In this second hour, we’ll be joined by author and podcaster Shelly Brisbin. Shelly will be helping us delve into just what improvements and new features are coming to Apples upcoming operating systems.

We’ll be taking a look at features such as Live Text, which can recognize text in any image and allow you to interact with it. For example, if you have a photo of a store front and there is a phone number or website link on the sign, you’ll be able to simply tap that link to go to the website or tap the number to start a phone call. Also, we can expect to get far better and more detailed photo descriptions, including object recognition and even information on that object. For partially sighted users, there’s also the new Display Accommodations Per App feature. This allows you to set various options, such as text size or high contrast for specific apps. This is a great way to get an app looking exactly the way that works best for you without having to spend time setting it up each time you open the app.

Other features covered include the new “interaction” mode for navigation, how VoiceOver will work with assistive touch on the Apple Watch, new options for switch control, including eye tracking, game controller support and sound control and so much more …

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