Episode 186: Google IO Event 2021 and Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day to all of you from Double Tap Canada! To mark the occasion, Shaun has been rummaging around his shed, testing just how many devices he can turn on the accessibility features of in two minutes. We have no idea why he set himself this challenge, but it did keep him busy.

As the Google IO event returns this year, we take a look at what was announced at the keynote to see just what Google are planning for the future. Despite a lack of hardware reveals at the event, Shaun and Marc were impressed by some of the demonstrations of Google’s work in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The ability to ask complicated questions using natural, conversational language seems to be improving dramatically, as does the level of security and privacy in Android 12. Another area of interest was Android Wear. This operating system, designed for wearables, has failed to impress so far, but could this all be about to change as Google announces they are working with Samsung and their Tizen operating system to produce something truly special? Could we finally see a serious challenge to the Apple Watch?

All this, plus Shaun’s rant about washing machines and more, only on Double Tap Canada.

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