Episode 184: Managing Passwords, Obsolete Hardware & Trash Talk

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Eating out of trash cans, AirTagging dogs, and telling Shaun to shut up. It can only be another episode of Double Tap Canada. It’s a tech show… honest.

Shaun has been taking a look at a new password manager from Dropbox. It’s free to Dropbox Plus or Premium subscribers and is available on iOS, Android, Chrome, Edge and Firefox. There’s no denying that password security is something we should all take seriously, but with so many options available, why has Shaun decided Dropbox Passwords is the one to use? Steven, as always, looks for an easier option and has bought a hardware security key from Yubico.

Next up, we take a look at some of the reasons an Apple Watch may be essential for seniors. With features such as fall detection, emergency calling, heart/health tracking and more, an Apple Watch could bring peace of mind to many. Although, Marc does have an interesting story about how his watch called the police from Space Mountain…

In Microsoft news, the next update to Windows 10 will feature improvements to Bluetooth. With the introduction of AAC (advanced audio codec), you can expect better audio performance and the update also promises to simplify the management of Bluetooth profiles making selecting the right device far easier. Speaking of improved audio, there’s also a rumour that Apple Music will be offering a “Hi-Fi” quality option to its subscribers. This means allowing streaming of audio in either Dolby Atmos, Dolby Audio, or lossless formats.

Finally, what do the following things have in common? Corded headphones, stand-alone GPS, point and click cameras, and analog watches? If you guessed that they are on a list of tech that is deemed obsolete then well done, you’re right! But does the team agree?

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