Episode 183: Using Windows on Mac & iPad, Facebook Audio & The Diaper Experiment

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Marc returns to a slightly chaotic Double Tap Canada this week as no one is quite sure how long the show should be. A quick call to the boss should clear things up. What could possibly go wrong…

After a quick discussion about Steven’s new watercooler, Marc’s refurbished iPhones and testing if Facebook is listening to our diaper conversations, it’s on to the first tech story of the week, Amazon’s new line of Fire tablets. Starting with the Fire Tablet 10 – which features a more powerful 8-core processor, a brighter 10-inch HD display & 3GB of RAM which is a definite improvement over previous models – there is also the Fire Tablet 10 Plus, which ups the RAM to 4GB and includes wireless charging. Amazon is also offering a productivity bundle, which includes the Fire Plus tablet along with an attachable keyboard and 1-year subscription to Office 365. Everyone agrees that, for the price, these are great tablets. So why is it Shaun has two that he never uses?

Also new this week is a new range of laptops from Samsung. The Galaxy Book range feature a choice of Intel CPU’s, full-sized keyboards, both wi-fi and mobile connectivity, and the Galaxy Book 360 has a versatile display allowing you to use the laptop like a tablet, including touchscreen and S-Pen support. Speakinging of laptops, Steven tells us why he’s replaced his new M1 MacBook Pro with the M1 MacBook Air. Spoiler alert: it’s all about the Touch bar.

In software and services news, Steven has been trying out the recently-updated Microsoft Remote Desktop Client software, which allows him to remotely control his Windows computers from his M1 Macs. All the audio from the remote computer can be streamed back to the computer you are using, meaning that it’s totally accessible for screen reader users. Steven is impressed, but can he get it to work on an iPad?

Finally, it’s on to Facebook Audio. With yet another platform jumping onto the Club House bandwagon, is there any reason to get excited by Facebook’s offering? Shaun thinks so. Also, Spotify has announced that they are going to be offering a pay to subscribe podcast service similar to Apple’s recent announcement. Does this signal a complete change to the way we listen to podcasts and are people really prepared to pay?

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