Episode 181: New Microsoft Hardware, Surprise Apple Event & Shuggely Pegs

In this week’s show, we take a look at Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop 4. Available in 13-inch or 15-inch screen sizes and with the choice of Intel or AMD processors, is there anything to make this latest addition to the Surface laptop family stand out? In Apple news, it appears Siri may have let slip the date of Apple’s next event a little too early. Was this just a plain mistake or was it in fact, as a cynical Steven Scott feels, a planned marketing move? Whatever the reason for Siri’s slip, Apple has now officially announced that there will be an event on the 20th of April. As to what hardware we’ll see at the event, the rumours are around new iPads, Air Tags and maybe an Apple TV refresh. In a new feature, Steven’s Top Tip, the man himself will be telling us how he keeps his screen reader quiet during his many, many Teams meetings. Shaun even helps out by coming up with an impromptu jingle for the new segment. Speaking of Teams, it’s back to more Microsoft news as we take a look at their new “Modern” range of accessories. With headsets, a webcam and a conference speaker, this new line-up is designed to make life easier for Teams users due to dedicated on device buttons to open and control the Teams app itself. Sounds great, but why is Shaun having so much trouble using Teams with a screen reader? Finally, we have a listener email asking about being productive and creative on a computer when you are blind or partially sighted. Is it possible and if so, how? Shaun and Steven give their opinions.