Episode 180: Make Money with Clubhouse, The Tim Cook Interview & The Perky Tap-Dancing Duck

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Despite some of the DTC team feeling unwell due to a mixture of doughnuts & in your face trees, Double Tap Canada is back with this week’s tech news. First up, it’s a look at the recent interview with Apple’s Tim Cook. Did he actually reveal anything about Apple’s rumoured self-driving car? Were there any clues as to when we will see Apple’s smart glasses?

Next up, it’s Steven’s new gadget. A Logitech Keys To Go keyboard. Considering how much he loves his standard Logitech Keys keyboard, just why is he sending this portable version back? Surprisingly, the answer lies in the lack of tap-dancing ducks…

Speaking of ducks, we’ll also be taking a look at Steven’s new favourite app, Perky Duck. This free app for Windows & Mac allows you to take notes using a standard keyboard using the S D F & J K L keys as braille keys. Will this get Steven back into braille?

In other news, in the latest update to popular audio social media app Clubhouse, it’s now possible to make payments to users through the app. Steven & Marc see this as a good thing but Shaun is worried it may attract too many scammers. There’s also a new smart watch on the market but is Casio just too late to the game? And at around $700 US, will anyone even give it a chance?

Finally, Belkin have announced a new charging stand for the iPhone 12 range that has the ability to swivel and track you as you move around a room. With this and the recent Echo Show 10, is this feature actually useful or is it just plain creepy?

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