Episode 178: Apple Calls, Echo Buds Impressions & Testing Mother-In-Laws

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Double Jab, sorry, I mean Double Tap Canada returns with another look at all that’s new in the world of tech. We take a look at an interesting new TV show from Apple that focuses on audio rather than visuals. Calls, which is available on Apple TV+ has nothing on screen other than visualizations of the phone calls you are listening in on. Obviously, this is a concept that we as visually impaired people are used to but just how will this show be received by mainstream sighted users?

Also, Disney Plus has announced that they will be releasing more theatrical movies to their streaming service. Available at an additional cost over the monthly subscription, is this in fact the best way to enjoy the latest movies? And why does Shaun hate cinemas so much?

In other news, we have a new start-up called Framework who promise an easily upgradable, easily repairable laptop. Need more USB ports? Simply pull out the old ones and plug in the new. Cracked the screen? Simply unclip the broken one and pop in a new one. There’s no denying it sounds great, but this has been tried before and never taken off. Could this be different?
There’s also a new smart watch from One Plus One with amazing battery life, rumors of a brand new HomePod with a screen, a possible replacement for Android called Google Fuchsia and most shocking of all, the news that Shaun has actually bought some tech! He’ll be giving you his impressions of the Amazon Echo Buds.

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