Episode 177:What Happened to the HomePod, Flic Buttons & Annoying Robot Fingers

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Double Tap Canada is back with a coffee fueled Steven Scott, an angry Marc Aflalo & Shaun Preece just trying to get a word in edgeways… With Apple announcing that it will no longer be producing the original HomePod speaker, should HomePod owners be worried & what does it mean for the future of the mini? Also, Shaun is excited by a cutting-edge way of controlling devices, namely, by pressing buttons. With a Flic 2 button not only can you trigger Amazon Echo routines but also control numerous devices such as your phone or pc. Talking of smart devices, Steven is intrigued by the SwitchBot, a device that can be placed over any button or switch and flick or prod it when activated via an app or smart speaker. Of course, Marc is already planning how he can use this robot finger to annoy people…

The show wraps up with a test drive of a new audio game called Blind Drive. You’re blindfolded & trapped inside a speeding car and can only use your ears to avoid on-coming traffic. Shaun & Steven throw the fully sighted Marc behind the wheel to test his listening skills.

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