Episode 176: First Look at the Echo Show 10, The Queen Speaks on Android & Llamas in Pajamas

Android 15 Talkback Updates

This weeks Double Tap Canada was recorded in front of a live studio audience. Well, nearly. We did in fact record live in the Club House app and we’d like to thank everyone who took part. It was great to chat with you all.

This week Steven unboxes the new Echo Show 10 from Amazon. Does its ability to spin around and track you as you walk around the room creep you out or does it make video calls etc. far more natural and easier?

Talking of creeping you out, Steven will be telling, or should that be confessing, to us all about something he found online to help him sleep. It may not be tech, but it does lead to an interesting conversation on hugging cows and Marcs love of walking alpacas.

We’ll also be taking a quick look at the new Android Accessibility Suite 9.1. What new features of Talkback has Shaun & Steven been using? And just who is that celebrity voice Steven is using for his text to speech?

If you’d like to comment on any of the topics we discussed or ask us a question, you can email us [email protected] or text/call on 1844 971 1999.

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