Episode 175: Dodgy Deliveries, Twitter Spaces, Talkback Update & Marc Drones On

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Double Tap Canada is back to talk tech but something is missing this week. Steven Scott is supposed to be off on holiday but can he really keep away from the show?

Unusually, it’s Shaun who is waiting for a tech delivery this week. It’s so unusual in fact that he needs to give the delivery person a password in order to receive the parcel. Both Marc & Shaun have never heard of this before and of course, Marc wants to turn it into a treasure hunt by announcing the password on air. In less shocking news, Marc is also awaiting a new gadget in the form of the latest drone from DGI. He’s definitely excited but is there any reason Shaun, as a visually impaired person, should be to? Spoiler alert, the answer is probably no.

It’s then on to the news that Twitter is introducing an audio only feature similar to the incredibly popular Club House app. But with companies like Facebook & Twitter rushing to get in on the new audio only craze are they in danger of releasing a less than perfect experience for their users?

Also, Google have just released what they’re calling a whole new version of Talkback. When Samsung released their S21 smartphone recently we were confused as to why it came with a version of Talkback which boasted some impressive added features such as new multi-finger gestures, voice control & user customizable gestures. Well, now we know. Google & Samsung are collaborating on the development of the Android screen reader Talkback from now on and Google have now released this new version to the rest of the Android world.

Finally, in listener emails we take a look at a new device promising to replace the trusty white cane and a question on using the iOS Voice Control feature

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