Episode 173: The Dog Ate My Internet, Star Link, Facebook & Smart Watches

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Despite some technical issues involving a dog & a chewed ethernet cable, Steven Scott, Marc Aflalo & Shaun Preece are back to take a look at the latest tech news in another episode of Double Tap Canada. 


With rumors that Facebook are working on their very own smart watch, the team discuss just what it could have to offer and why anyone would care. Also, Microsoft have confirmed that they will be releasing a new non-subscription version of Office later this year to replace Office 2019. Do people want a return to the days of paying a one-off payment for software or is the monthly subscription model here to stay?


Talking of subscriptions, are you planning to subscribe to the Apple TV+ service? It appears that 69% of current subscribers are still using Apples free trial offer. Yes, the accessibility is second to none & every single show is audio described but is there enough content to keep people paying a monthly fee?


Of course, there’s a whole lot more such as Marc’s Star Link plan, Steven’s on-going struggle to get 1Gigabit internet & a listener who needs help sending text messages without a phone…

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