Episode 172: Hands Free Shoes, 3D Podcasts & Switching To Android

Android 15 Talkback Updates

How else would an accessible tech show start but with a discussion about root canals and school butlers? Of course, It can only be Double Tap Canada.

First up for discussion is the controversy surrounding Nike’s new Go Fly Ease sneakers. Designed so that you can put these on without using your hands, there was some concern that Nike seem to be avoiding using the word disabled in any marketing material. Is the word disabled a dirty word when it comes to promotion or are people simply being too sensitive?

In podcast news, I Heart Radio has announced they will be releasing a playlist of podcasts that are produced in 3D audio. Could this be the future of podcasting or is this just a gimmick that will go the same way as 3D television? Just how immersive does a podcast need to be?

The big news this week is that Steven is diving into the world of Android again. He’s grabbed a Pixel 5 phone and wants to see what Android has to offer. The problem is that Steven has been entrenched in the Apple echo-system for so long how easy will it be to transition? He’ll be looking what tools are available to help transfer your data from your iPhone to Android.

Of course, there’s a whole lot more news & discussion such as the demise of Skype for Business, some new training resources for the Jaws screen reader & a interesting survey from Microsoft aimed at screen reader users.

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