Episode 170: Loungewear, Underwear & Big Knobs

Android 15 Talkback Updates

As an added bonus this week, not only are we diving into all the latest tech news but also Mr Steven Scott will be letting us know just what’s hot in fashion this season… Of course, Steven’s fashion sense may not suit everybody, or anybody to be honest.


In tech news, first up for discussion is Apples new Fitness Plus feature Time to Walk. This feature, coming in the next Apple Watch OS update, uses podcast style audio to motivate you to walk your way to fitness. We’ll also be sharing our experiences of using Fitness Plus so far. 


Also, rumors are abound that Apple are working on a VR headset. With a fabric design & a fan could this possibly be a product that will ever be released? Also how did Steven’s VR experiment on the Mac work out?


In Android news, there was an interesting announcement from Samsung at their recent Unpacked event regarding improvements they’ve made to TalkBack. We all love seeing developments in accessibility, but there is one caveat, it’s only available to the new S21 smartphone range. Although they are promising they will bring it to other Samsung devices in time.


Back to Apple, Shaun has a warning to Mantis & Chameleon braille display users. The recently released iOS 14.4 update has a bug which means that these devices will lose connection when you lock your Apple device. Thanks to AppleVis & APH for discovering & letting us know of the problem.


The show wraps up with some interesting news regarding YouTube & voice control and we take a look at your messages. If you’d like to get in touch with us you can email [email protected] or give us a call on 844 971 1999. We love to get your feedback.


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