Episode 168: Big Tech & Trump, CES 2021 & Steven’s On Fire

As we see Trump banned from virtually all social media platforms, this weeks Double Tap Canada kicks off with a discussion around big tech, free speech, censorship & dis-information. Steven wants to know just why did it take companies such as Facebook & Twitter so long to act and are people now starting to question the usefulness of social media?

Talking of Facebook, this week saw a change to the term of service for the incredibly popular app WhatsApp. These changes mean that data such as who you are talking to and when you use the app will be shared with Facebook, with no option to opt out. With over 1 billion WhatsApp users around the world obviously this caused some concern. For those who aren’t happy, just what alternative apps are out there.

Finally, Marc will be telling us about CES 2021. Like nearly all event recently, CES 2021 is being held virtually and although this has seen a drop in the number of exhibitors, the number of people viewing the digital event is expected to be more than ever before. But just what tech is all the rage this year? Marc has been deep diving into CES, all from the comfort of his home, and will be letting us know what’s been going on.

All this and more including Steven setting his studio on fire. It can only be Double Tap Canada…