Episode 167: Seeing AI Gets Even Better, Audio Description for Everyone & Macs Can’t Game

Welcome back to Double Tap Canada and what better way to kick off the new year then with an argument. Steven Scott & Marc Aflalo are excited about turning their Mac computers into gaming machines…but Shaun has different views on how excited they should be.
Moving to recent tech news, we take a look at the new World feature in Seeing AI. Using the new LIDAR sensor on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the World feature allows you to scan a room and it will not only recognize objects around you, but also knows exactly how far away that object is. Obviously, for us as visually impaired people, having a feature that will tell you what objects or obstacles are around you and exactly where they are could be incredibly useful. Steven & Marc have been testing it out and will be letting us know how well it works.

Also, in Netflix news we discuss the importance of a new feature they are testing with a select few Android users. A new ‘audio only’ button that, when pressed, will turn off the video and turn on audio description allowing people to enjoy their favorite show without being chained to a screen. If Netflix can show people just how useful audio description can be then maybe, we’ll find lots more content being audio described.

Finally, it’s on to your feedback, can you help a listener find an easy & accessible way to sync his contacts? And just how much did Shaun enjoy playing Steven’s boss in AMI’s ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ audio production? Spoiler alert, he loved it…