Episode 160: Armed & Ready. The New Generation of Macs Are Here

Episode 161: Accessibility & The New Generation of Game Consoles

What else could we at Double Tap Canada possibly talk about this week? Of course, it’s the “One More Thing” event from Apple. Tech journalist, author & podcaster Shelly Brisbin joins Steven, Marc & Shaun to discuss the new products unveiled at Apple’s latest event.

The focus of the event was purely Mac. We saw new generations of the MacBook Air, Mac Mini & 13” MacBook Pro. What sets these products apart from previous generations however is that they are all powered by Apples own processor, the M1 chip. Based on the same processors you’ll find in iPhones & iPads, this new chip promises to be not only more powerful then the previous Intel processors, but also much, much more energy efficient. To cut to the chase, Apple are claiming that M1 powered devices will be faster than previous generations and yet, provide much longer battery life. Could this be to good to be true or are we about to see a whole new way of doing things?

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