Episode 158: Focus on Facebook. The Oculus Quest 2 & The Facebook Portal

Episode 161: Accessibility & The New Generation of Game Consoles

After a heartfelt and emotional plea from Steven Scott, this week’s Double Tap Canada kicks off with a dive into Facebook. No, not the social media aspect, we’re not looking to expand our friends list, but rather, we’re taking a look at Facebook hardware.

Both Steven and Marc have got their hands on the new Oculus Quest 2. Thanks to great performance & the convenience of not requiring a powerful gaming PC in order to use it, this stand-alone, cable free virtual reality headset certainly look promising. But just how useful is it if you have low vision? Is there any use case at all if you are totally blind?

Next up it’s the Facebook Portal. Due to the current situation the entire world finds itself in, video conferencing has become almost the norm. The Facebook Portal is a device designed to make the entire process of making a video call easy. Steven has been testing the 15” touch-screen model, with its excellent camera, great speakers and support for the most popular services such as Facebook Messenger, Zoom & WhatsApp, it does tick a lot of boxes. Most impressive of all however is the accessibility. Running a customized version of Android, the level of thought that has gone into accessibility and screen reader support is way above what we expected.

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