Episode 156: The Apple iPhone & Homepod Event

Episode 161: Accessibility & The New Generation of Game Consoles

The iPhone 12 is finally here, along with a new Homepod Mini. Should you be grabbing your credit card right now or should we wait for unlucky 13?

This week’s Double Tap Canada is all about the Apple. Steven, Shaun & marc take a look at the new iPhone 12 line-up, with Steven particularly interested in the dinky iPhone 12 Mini. Could this, with its 5.4” display, be the best choice for us as visually impaired people? Will Marc be throwing away all his Sony cameras in favor of the Dolby Vision video recording capabilities of the iPhone 12 Pro Max? Will Shaun ever buy anything at all?

All these questions will be answered, plus your voicemails & emails in this week’s Double Tap Canada.