Episode 155: New Microsoft Hardware, Smart Homes & Sheds & Apple Predictions

Episode 161: Accessibility & The New Generation of Game Consoles

The DTC team kick off this weeks Double Tap Canada with a discussion on the new Surface Laptop Go & Surface Pro X hardware from Microsoft. There’s no denying that the Surface Laptop range has always been designed & built to a high standard, but this also meant a premium price point. However, could the new Surface Laptop Go, maintain the high standards of other Surface laptops but at a much more affordable price? Steven is not so sure on the tech specs with the entry level model coming with only 4GB of RAM.

The Surface Pro X also has had a spec upgrade with a faster processor and the promise of better software support. Although the amazing battery life & form factor of the Surface Pro X are tempting, does the still rather limited software support/performance that come with using a ARM processor make this a non-starter for most of us, especially when it comes to 3rd party assistive software?

Next up it’s on to the smart home. Just what devices & setups are we all using and, more importantly, do any other members of the family use it? Shaun explains why his smart tech remains in the garden shed & why Marc refuses to turn on a light switch…

We’ll also be hearing from Renee Richie on his predictions of just what we’re likely to see in the upcoming Apple event and, to wrap up the show, we’ll be diving into your voicemails, texts & emails.