Episode 153: What’s New from Amazon & Your Questions Answered

Episode 154: What’s New from Google, New Bose Frames & Stevens Gigantic Head

This week Double Tap Canada returns to dive into the latest tech event of the season, and arguably, the most interesting event so far…

To mis-quote Tom Hanks, the Amazon Echo event is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. With a reputation for embedding their Alexa voice assistant into the strangest of places, there is always a lot of excitement around just what they’ll come up with next.

This year the Echo and Echo Dot get a design change, promising improved audio and, in the case of the Echo, a new machine learning chip that allows it to process more of your voice commands locally, without the need to send recordings to the cloud. There’s also a new Echo Show 10. With its bigger screen and the ability to automatically tilt, pan & swivel itself in order to track your movements as you walk around a room, could this be the perfect device for video conferencing. We also saw updates to the Fire TV Stick and the introduction of a subscription-based gaming service called Luna.

There’s also improvements on the software side with Amazon Guard Plus, improved TTS speech, Amazon Care that can help you make sure someone you care for is safe & well and other features such as Join The Conversation which will hopefully make using Alexa more natural and interactive.

Of course, there was one product unveiled that surprised, and confused, many people. The Ring Always Home Cam is an indoor security camera that will fly around your home when you are out and stream the video to your phone. Genius or creepy? We can’t wait to find out…
Also, in a new segment called Ask Double Tap. Assistive technology trainer, George Quarcoo will be ready to answer any of your tech questions including, is Instagram accessible, Android tablet recommendations and just how accessible are TV’s?