Episode 151: Double Tap Goes Live

Episode 161: Accessibility & The New Generation of Game Consoles

What could possibly go wrong? Well, quite literally anything so why not take a listen to the all-new Double Tap Canada, now totally live and uncut…
Marc Aflalo joins Steven Scott & Shaun Preece to dive into this week’s tech news. But first, prepare yourselves for a tragic tale consisting of Steven bending over backwards, a dog’s water bowl and soggy air-pods.
It’s then on to happier news with Apple officially announcing September 15th as the date of their fall event. With rumors of new iPads, Air Tags, Apple Watch Series 6 and SE and possibly even a new Apple Silicon powered MacBook Air there’s plenty to look forward to… But could the star of the show, the iPhone 12 range be absent from the line-up?
Also in Apple news, Google has announced that Google Maps will be making a return to the Apple Watch. Google removed their popular map app way back in 2017, so with a 3-year hiatus why is Shaun less than impressed with its return?
Finally, it’s on to listener feedback. We’ve had some great response to the recent announcement from Aira regarding the scaling back of their 5 minutes free call offer. Despite people being obviously disappointed to lose such a great deal, it seems most people understand that it simply wasn’t sustainable indefinitely. We’ll be listening to some of your voicemails.
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