Episode 150: Is Apple Deliberately Excluding Us from Software Development & The Amazon Halo, Exciting or Terrifying?

Episode 161: Accessibility & The New Generation of Game Consoles

Double Tap Canada is back, and the discussion is as heated as ever as the DTC team take a look at this week’s tech news.
There has been a lot of debate recently following the release of the first public beta of Apple Watch OS. Apple released the build without VoiceOver support and although they did make it clear in the release notes that this was the case, it did mean that VoiceOver users could not take part in this stage of the beta program. This resulted in the creation of a petition by Jonathan Mosen asking that Apple never again release a public beta without VoiceOver support. However, others in the visually impaired community disagreed, stating that missing features etc. was just a part of software development and to be expected. We’ll be talking to Jonathan Mosen to hear just why he thought a petition was necessary.

Next, will be taking a look at the new Amazon Halo. This fitness / health tracker not only monitors your heart rate, activity, and sleep, but also promises to provide very accurate body composition data.
One feature that may prove a little more controversial is the social interaction analysis. Using a microphone built into the wrist band, the Halo will monitor how you talk to others throughout the day and then tell you how well you interact socially. Is this a great way for self-improvement or yet another invasion of privacy?