Episode 148: What’s New in E-Sight 4 & How Good is Google Look Out?

Episode 161: Accessibility & The New Generation of Game Consoles

Double Tap Canada is joined by Jay Taylor this week as we take a look at the latest generation of the wearable video magnifier headset, the E-Sight 4. Jay has been helped greatly in the past by previous versions of the E-Sight headset, but just what has been improved in this latest release?

Steven is also excited this week by a news story of a new procedure that may help ‘quiet’ the effects of Nystagmus. He’ll be looking at the story of a Canadian man who has been able to drive after undergoing this surgery. Great news, if only Steven can remember the guy’s name…

Next, we’ll be taking the Google Look Out app for a test-drive. With features such as scene & object recognition, real-time OCR, document scanning, currency identification and rather impressive product recognition, could this be Androids answer to the fantastic iOS app Seeing AI?