Episode 147: The Last of Us 2 & The Future of Accessible Gaming

Episode 161: Accessibility & The New Generation of Game Consoles

Although the topic of accessible gaming has been discussed numerous times, its usually only focused around audio games for the smart phone or smart speaker. Well, this week Double Tap Canada is asking the question, “Can you really enjoy mainstream console games if you are blind or have low vision?”

Steven Scott & Shaun Preece are joined by 2 guests who think the answer is a resounding yes. Brandon Cole was one of the accessibility consultants involved in the development of the incredibly well received AAA game The Last of Us 2. He’ll be telling us exactly how he became involved and just what features were implemented to make the game totally playable by someone with no sight.
Also, from the YouTube channel PSImBlind, avid low vision gamer Agon will be describing the gameplay experience of the game and just what he feels the developer got right when it comes to accessibility and what he’d like to see added in the future.

Will Steven & Shaun be convinced that they too can enjoy console or mainstream gaming and just what can we expect when it comes to accessibility from future games?