Episode 145: The Perfect Book Reader, Echo Skills & Removing Betas

Episode 161: Accessibility & The New Generation of Game Consoles

Prepare yourselves as this week’s Double Tap Canada kicks off with a rant from an upset Steven Scott after he was placed on a company’s ‘vulnerable’ list because he is blind. Is he right to be upset or just far too sensitive? We’ll find out.

Also, after finding the perfect keyboard and braille display Steven now thinks he’s found the perfect audio book reader. With its great battery life, totally accessible interface and ease of use, is the Victor Reader Stream really the best option? Shaun isn’t so sure…

Next up, the DTC crew reveal their favourite Echo skills. With the thousands to choose from, which ones do they use the most?
If you have jumped on the iOS beta testing program but are having second thoughts, Shaun will show you how to roll back to the non-beta version. It’s surprisingly easy, but of course, Steven finds something to complain about.

Finally, With a recommendation for a calendar app and a question on how to increase the bass on Air Pod Pros, the show wraps up with your emails and voicemails. If you’d like to get in touch you can email [email protected] or call us on 1866 509 4545